Fear Academy

We are a gaming community with the primary focus on Squad.

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About Us

Fear Academy is a casual community without ranks, as we're not a milsim community, but once we are in the game we play coordinated using proper communication and tactics.

We try to play at least one match per week against other Squad clans and have an active presence in the weekly Community Clan Fight Night event. Players are expected to cooperate, communicate and listen to their squad leader, the way we think Squad is meant to be played!

If you are still reading this, we know you want to join us, just apply by clicking the button below. It really just takes a minute.

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Server Information


We find Steam chat impractical so after sending your application, please join our Discord and poke one of the admins about it. This way, you can reach out to us as fast as possible, and vice versa.


Alternatively you can join our TeamSpeak server with any questions, concerns or other inquiries about the clan. All admins or members online will be happy to help you out with your issue.


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Interested in joining us? That's great! Fill out the form below to send in your application and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, consider joining our TeamSpeak or Discord and get to know everyone or join us for some games.

Please note that we have an age requirement of 18+. We are an EU based community.

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